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Classes / Coaching

On-Camera Audition and 
Self-Tape Technique

Beginning Commercial Technique on Zoom w/Roy and Jane
This is a great class for beginners or actors who want to brush up their self-tape commercial audition skills.


Roy Havrilack and Jane Petrov

Beginning Commercial Technique

4 Weekly Classes

Cost: $325

Starts Tuesday, October 10th, 7-10pm EST / 4pm PST on Zoom.

How to Register: Email us at & make payment 

Please join self-tape expert coaches Roy Havrilack and Jane Petrov from SkyTown Entertainment for their 4-week commercial class on Zoom starting Tuesday, October 10th at 7pm EST. Roy heads the New York studio and Jane heads the LA studio. They will be co-teaching and limiting the class size to 8 actors, creating time to practice lots of copy, receive redirects, watch playback and improve your self-tape auditions overall.

Topics covered:

- what to wear, hair, colors (branding), props

- assess copy quickly & make decisions

- create environment, creativity

- phrasing/breath

- make it a scene

- moment before

- food 

- physicality

- buttons

- non-verbal acting

Actors will prepare copy (given by Jane & Roy), watch playback/get feedback. Zoom link for class will be given upon registration. Students will receive Zoom recordings.

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Recent Classes

Free Self-Tape Technique Class on Zoom 

Miss the class? Click here to watch recording. / Passcode: K*9@dtR!

Please join self-tape expert coaches Roy Havrilack and Jane Petrov from SkyTown Entertainment on Thursday, September 28th at 3pm PST / 6pm EST.


Roy and Jane are excited to present an in-depth and current overview of what’s happening today with self-tape auditions and will offer techniques for a successful taping experience so you can feel confident about the quality you are sending to casting and/or your agents/managers. 

Roy and Jane have been taping and coaching actors for nearly 15 years. They have a pulse on the industry and have helped actors book major film roles, series regular, guest-star, co-star, national commercials, theater and more! 

Topics covered during presentation:
-New industry guidelines
-Self-tape basics (slates, scenes, editing, etc.)
-Taping in the studio
-Taping with friends
-Remote taping
-Zoom Auditions/Callbacks

Q & A session to follow.

And...Roy and Jane will also unveil new workshops coming up: Beginning Commercial Technique, Co-Star Fundamentals & The Business of Acting.

To register, please email us at and we will send you a zoom link to join the class on Thursday.


For almost 15 years, Jane Petrov and Roy Havrilack, Co-Owners of SkyTown Entertainment, have been coaching and taping auditions for professional actors in New York and Los Angeles. Their clients have booked major motion picture, television and theatre roles in the U.S. and abroad: Disney, FX, Netflix, Hulu, New Line Cinemas – that include projects produced by Tom Hanks, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Brad Pitt. 

The Need

Casting directors are requiring actors to submit more self-tapes in today’s auditioning environment. In order to compete and book, actors must deliver a quality video and a strong performance using seamless self-tape audition techniques as well as follow all technical directions from casting.  

"As a practiced actor in scene study and the like, I thought with self-tape you can self-coach. But I was surprised to see my audition transform in minutes with Jane’s coaching, direction, & application of her tips! Jane’s class is enjoyable, extremely valuable for all skill levels, and can be applied to both your next on-camera or self-tape audition."

-Kaela Comontofski, Actor

Class Overview

**Not available at this time. Email us at for Current Zoom Class Information.

“Jane is an excellent teacher. Her knowledge of taping an audition and booking an audition are valuable. She is also adept at getting you to relax before the camera so that you are able to focus on the learning experience rather than struggling with nerves or worrying about failure. She’s a joy to be around.”

-Terry Kovac, Actor

"SkyTown Entertainment has completely changed the way I audition. Not only does the tape look professional and clean- but they help direct you to bring out the best performance possible. Plus, they know all the industry norms to ensure you're following the correct format. I've gotten a much higher booking and callback rate since using them - highly recommended."

-Paytra Gessler, Actor

In this intensive self-tape audition class, students will get valuable tools and techniques for self-taping, whether at home or at a self-tape studio. Every week students will prepare scenes and experience a self-tape session: rehearse, tape and watch playback, so they can make strong choices, get comfortable watching themselves on camera, and choose the best takes.


The classroom is our self-tape studio, set up with lights, HD camera and blue background. Unlike going into a casting or producers’ session for a taped audition, the self-tape environment puts you in the driver’s seat to do multiple takes. You have the luxury of using minimal props and furniture to create a more fleshed out sense of place for your scene. Actors will be able to put these tools and techniques in to practice right away.

Students may bring their own scenes or scenes will be provided. 

 Students can start anytime.

Four intensive classes
will cover the following:

Self-Tape Session Basics

Rehearsal/tape/watch playback/editing

Taping at home: sound, lights, background, reader

Following casting director directions

Wardrobe/Hair/Makeup/Eye Glasses

Slates/Slate Shots


Self-Tape Session Techniques that make you stand out

Effective use of eye lines

Physical Life (props, business)

Using Sides- memorized or not

Sitting vs. Standing





Handling challenging physical scenes: driving, violence, sexual, guns, phones, drinking

Character life before and after the scene, keeping scene alive

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