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Demo Reel

Whether you are an actor with minimal footage or you are an actor with lots of footage, having a professionally updated and edited demo reel is a must in today's competitive market - a tool that you and your representation can not do without.

Adrian Martinez Demo Reel
Indie film demo reel
Lorenzo Scott Demo Reel
Xosha Roquemore Demo Reel
Kim Aria Peterson Demo Reel
Julia Taylor Ross Demo Reel
John Keating Demo Reel
Jack McAllister Demo Reel

What Makes An Effective Demo Reel?


Keep it short if possible. Two to three minutes is perfect. A one-minute sizzle reel can also be effective and good to have on hand. Casting directors usually know within the first sixty seconds how they would cast you. With our help and expertise, we can put your best work upfront. Our editors are easy to work with and will make sure the process is collaborative and enjoyable.

Time and Money Saving Tips:

  • Create a list of your clips.

  • Be sure to bring all your footage and/or send it in advance of your session.

  • Think about the order in which you think you'd like your footage to appear.

  • Cue up your tapes to the clip you’d like to use (Note the time codes of the scenes you will be using).

  • If you are using your headshot or any still images in the demo reel, please bring email us a high-resolution image (jpg or tiff).

Cost: $85/hour with a one hour minimum.

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